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- 2009 Golden State Award

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer's letter

Steve Elkington



Ben with Elkington and Sally Kelley

 Steve Elkington, Sally Kelley (Homer's wife), Ben Doyle

Click here to read Kent Wadsworth's article on Ben in Carmel Magazine, Spring/Summer 2007 issue.


I have become a much better teacher from studying your tapes.  I am thrilled that you are so willing to share your knowledge.  I look at a golf swing so much differently now, and my corrections to students are easier for them to understand and perform.  It was fun to watch the improvements you made to an already great swing.  I'm sure Steve felt he got the precision he was looking for

~ John Savage, G.S.E.B.


You are an inspiration and I thank you for all the help you have provided me over the years. As they say on Tour..."you are the man!"

~ Tom F. Stickney II, P.G.A., G.S.E.D.


Letter from Jim McLean

~ Letter from Jim McLean


The mat came and I've got in on my living room floor working with it every night...The tape of the lesson is really effective.  It's great to have you behind me swinging properly, so that I can make a comparison.

~ Asa Candler


The session we had together was the most valuable golf instructional experience I have had.  It has contributed greatly to not only my development as an instructor, but the development of my own game also.

~ Steve Khatib, G.S.E.M., Professional, Melbourne Australia


Robert Kula

Thanks for helping me help the people.

~ Robert Kula


I have become a much more knowledgeable teacher studying your tapes. I am also a much better player. It seems that every tape you send me has something new and interesting for me to learn. My ball striking is so straight I am beginning to think that I am the machine.

~ John Savage, G.S.E.B.


It has been a pleasure to view your videos.  Not only has it helped my own game, but they have helped my students to improve as well.  Your communication skills are marvelous.  You have made golf fun again.  I am sure Homer Kelley would be proud.

~ Drew Chapman, PGA professional


Thank you for describing how the hands work in the golf swing.  No one has ever done that for me before!

~ T. Edwards


I will definitely be able to take some of your principles and techniques and integrate them into my own teaching.

~ James Morris


The simple conclusion to draw from the four days I spent with you is that it is  the best four days of golfing education I have ever received...There is no doubt that my coaching will be much enhanced thanks to you.

~ Peter Knight, Head Coach, golf, New South Wales Australia


Thank you so much... You are generous to share your knowledge with fellow professionals.

~ Cameron McCormick, Dir. of Instruction


I have watched your DVD "How to Build a G.O.L.F. Game" all the way through and have started on my second viewing. I went to the practice range and did what you teach. I was astonished at how well I hit the ball. I followed your grip and setup routine and started with the chips and gradually worked my way up through the pitch, the short and long irons and finally the driver. I used the pivot and tried very hard to "sustain the lag". It was incredible. I now understand the "SECRET" that Mr. Kelly talked about. I know I have a long way to go and my only regret is that I did not discover this method earlier in my life.

I am 45 years old and have been playing since I was a teenager. I never really received formal training I just learned from my father who was weekend tgolfer and he tried to teach me but he just didn't have total command of the game like you do. I am more excited about golf than I have ever been. I just wanted to tell you that I am glad you recorded your knowledge for the world to see and I am equally glad I discovered it.

~ Bruce, Annandale, VA