How to Build a G.O.L.F. Game DVD


How to Build a G.O.L.F. Game DVD

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This DVD & video teaches students and instructors how to develop a G.O.L.F. game. Watch Ben teach, illustrate and demonstrate the game of G.O.L.F. Many authorized instructors say that this Video "unlocked" The Golfing Machine improved their teaching.


- Mechanics of chipping, pitching, punching & swinging

- The 24 basic components

- The principles of G.O.L.F.  (Geometrically Oriented Linear Force)

- The 4 laws that must be applied 

- Why some people play well & some play poorly 

- Chip, pitch & cut shots around the green 

- The 3 sand shots & their hinging 

- Putting & why some people yip 

IMPORTANT! This video was filmed on 2000 shutter speed. Make sure that you use your VCR/DVD player in slow motion mode to fully appreciate the release impact interval.

Price: $100