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To schedule a golf lesson with Ben Doyle, write:

Ben Doyle, P.G.A ; G.S.E.D.
10140 Blue Larkspur Lane
Monterey, CA 93940

or email him at:

Facts & Illusions Mat Tac Tic DVDs/Videos Swing Analysis

Ben's G.O.L.F. Master VHS Video Lessons for Sale

- Ben teaching students of all levels:

Watch Ben in action!

I have had the opportunity to view many of the lessons you have recorded on was pure serendipity! I discovered the multitude of stroke possibilities for the very first time. ~ Scott

I have followed everything you have presented in your videos...I am in total awe of your exceptional talent and ability ~ Matthew

I have my VHS video tapes for sale. Most of them are 6 hours duration showing  how I teach, illustrate, and demonstrate with my students G.O.L.F. They sell for 2 for $50 or 5 for $100.

Two VHS Tape $50


Five VHS Tapes $100


All tapes are randomly chosen by Ben.


The Golfing Machine

by Homer Kelley

Ben Doyle is the 1st authorized instructor of The Golfing Machine

I recently purchased the Golfing Machine book and received it within three business days. I must say I was pleasantly surprised on the quick turnaround but more importantly was the time you took to and write a note to me. ~ Frank, New York

7th Edition

Price: $39.95 (shipped)  


The Golfing Machine, 7th ed.

Homer Kelley's The Golfing Machine -The Curious Quest That Solved Golf

by Scott Gummer

For Ben, If not for you, Homer's work would have remained his secret. The world of golf owes you tremendous thanks - and so do I. With respect and friendship ~ Scott Gummer, Book Inscription

Price: $20 (on the lesson tee)

Price: $25 (if shipped)  



Homer Kelley's Golf Machine - The Curious Quest That Solved Golf

The Impact Zone

by Bobby Clampett and Andy Brumer

Price: $20 (on the lesson tee)

Price: $25 (if shipped)  



The Impact Zone

Technical Paper Analyzing Steve Elkinton's Golf Swing

by Ben Doyle

Twelve page technical paper analyzing Steve Elkington's golf swing. Ben writes about putting, basic address routine and much more.

Price: $35   


Technical Analysis of Steve Elkington's Swing

Ben's Facts & Illusions Mat: A Book on one page!

by Ben Doyle; 1st Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine

".....every lesson I have given has been with the Facts and Illusion mat. BEN, THE MAT IS makes explaining so much easier. "  ~ Rob Noel, PGA

"I have just received your G.O.L.F. Mat. I can say with certainty I have never enjoyed, in my career, anything as much. "  ~ Greg Overton, PGA

"Thanks for all the thought that went into the mat as well as for the personalized note... It is odd that I have spent so much time playing/thinking/reading about golf and nobody ever described the right hand setup as you did"   ~ John, Boston, MA


Mat Panoramic

Ben's Facts & Illusions Golf Mat is a 6' by 10' vinyl mat which explains the geometric shapes and lines of G.O.L.F.

*Teaches, illustrates & demonstrates the routines for a chip, pitch, punch & swing
*Explains the 24 basic components through the three zones
*It illustrates the 12 sections from preliminary address to finish
*Explains balance, rhythm, pace & tempo, which equals timing

Putt Matt

This view demonstrates the illusion of the line-of-sight of impact vs. address 

Ben and Elkington on the mat

Ben Doyle & Steve Elkington

Note: Steve likes to wear traditional steel spikes, so I placed a floor pad under his feet

Based on Homer Kelley's The Golfing Machine. As Kelley stated, "It is only when you can understand the illusions of golf that you can then begin to utilize them." It is for the student or teacher of G.O.L.F. who wants to differentiate the facts from the illusions in golf.  The mat helps the student to understand the precision of educated wrists and hands. It teaches, illustrates and demonstrates the 3's of G.O.L.F. It is a real eye opener - a whole book on a single page.

Price: $300.00


Ben on the mat

Facts & Illusions Desk Pad

The desktop on G.O.L.F. is amazing. There is so much info on it, incredible.~ Rick Cole, P.G.A.

Desk Pad
(available in 2 formats), measures 2' x 3'

Many people have asked Ben to write a book, so now he has an entire book on a single page.   The mat is full of many thoughts and ideas.  And with study, will become one big thought or idea, namely  HOW TO SUSTAIN THE LINE OF COMPRESSION (IMPACT)   

2' x 3' Desk Pad with rubber backing $100

2' x 3' Mat that can be framed or rolled up $100

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Tac Tic

received...the 6 Tac Tics. Ben I am so happy. Congratulations, it is excellent...Ben Doyle you are a credit to G.O.L.F. ~ John Furze, G.S.E.D., Austrialia

Tac Tic
*Tac Tic lets you hear and feel at impact if your leading wrist is bent and therefore not in the proper position.

*Ben writes, "Tac Tic is great. Without educated hands and wrists, more information is more confusion. You can use Tac Tic on either wrist. It is great for developing the waggle and forward press."


*Tac Tic teaches "The Flying Wedges" of The Golfing Machine - The flat left wrist and bent right wrist.


Price: $34


Release Point



impact (above & right)



Tac Tic Elbow

*Ben writes, The Tac-Tic Elbow Trainer is the best training aid that I have ever seen for monitoring lead-arm extension until after the follow through.

 The result:
   ●  More Consistent Playing
   ●  Increased Power
   ●  Greater Accuracy

Price: $34


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DVDs & Videos:

Ben's How to Build a G.O.L.F. Game

Running time: 2 hrs.

by Ben Doyle, 1st Authorized Instructor of a The Golfing Machine

Videos & DVDs

I recently purchased your video tape, " How To Build a G.O.L.F. Game" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your demonstrations cleared up many things for me, especially the meaning of educated hands. I have watched it several times, pausing frequently to take notes, and I learn something new each time! ~ A. Drake, PGA, G.S.E.B.

I like this video, a lot, because of the invaluable information he presented...I don't think it was a coincidence the best day I have had at the driving range was after watching this video.~ G. Bob, Book and Video Reviews

Having watched it numerous times, my understanding of the G.O.L.F. swing has greatly increased.~ Vasteras, Sweden

I LOVE the DVD "How to build a G.O.L.F. game. I very much appreciated the handwritten words you included~ John Dunigan, PGA, Master Teaching Professional

I received the two DVD's yesterday and I have watchedthem both. They are wonderful and I enjoy so much how nicely you work with a student WITHOUT THE BALL~ Leo Halloran, G.S.E.B.


This DVD & video teaches students and instructors how to develop a G.O.L.F. game. Watch Ben teach, illustrate and demonstrate the game of G.O.L.F. Many authorized instructors say that this Video "unlocked" The Golfing Machine improved their teaching.


- Mechanics of chipping, pitching, punching & swinging
- The 24 basic components
- The principles of G.O.L.F.  (Geometrically Oriented Linear Force)
- The 4 laws that must be applied
- Why some people play well & some play poorly
- Chip, pitch & cut shots around the green
- The 3 sand shots & their hinging
- Putting & why some people yip

IMPORTANT! This video was filmed on 2000 shutter speed. Make sure that you use your VCR/DVD player in slow motion mode to fully appreciate the release impact interval.

Price: $100

DVD Version


VHS Version



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Ben's How to Build a G.O.L.F. Game for Women, DVD

by Ben Doyle, 1st Authorized Instructor of a The Golfing Machine

G.O.L.F. DVD for Women

Price: $50




If you are a lady who is thinking about taking up the game of G.O.L.F., or if you have been playing for awhile and not really getting it right, this DVD is what you need. You will learn body control (the pivot), club control (the arms) ball control (educated hands), you will learn first how to practice chip shots, then pitch shots next punch shots and then swing shots. You will learn - understand and demonstrate what's on this DVD as you study it on your TV with a mirror to keep checking yourself out. This DVD will give you all the information you need to play precise G.O.L.F.

Ben's How to Build a G.O.L.F. Game for Men, DVD

by Ben Doyle, 1st Authorized Instructor of a The Golfing Machine

If you are an elderly gentleman and want to get more distance off the tee and to the green, and need to be more precise with your chips, pitches and cut shots around the green, and the three procedures of getting out of sand bunkers, this DVD is for you.  G.O.L.F. is a game for thinkers, consciously and subconsciously.

Less then 5% of our thinking is conscious thought while 95% of our thinking is subconscious thought.  The basic problem with golf is that most golfers do not have precise practice habits and therefore develop faulty subconscious golf procedures.


G.O.L.F. DVD for Men

Price: $50



Can't Miss! - A Visual Golf Teaching Aid for the Short Game, DVD

by George Bigham

Price: $30



Short game teaching aid developed by George Bigham after studying Ben's "How to Build a Better G.O.L.F. Game" DVD. Includes DVD, booklet and hozzle guide.


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Facts & Illusion Mat Companion DVD or Video


Facts & Illusion Video
A companion video/DVD for the 4th, 5th & 6th revisions of the Facts & Illusions Alignment Mat.  It teaches, illustrates and demonstrates the many 3's of G.O.L.F.

Ben Doyle's Facts and Illusions DVD/VHS

Price: $50

DVD Version


VHS Version



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